Q & A with Maxzyne

� Summer officially begins today and school is out. What are you most looking forward to at the moment?

Maxzyne: Whew! It’s finally here! I can’t believe I have 9 whole weeks to do some of my favorite stuff.

� Such as?

Maxzyne: Well, I started a little early, I guess. I saw the SpongeBob musical world premiere. It was so cool! I mean, they had Squidward and all the other characters. Also, funny songs and lots of special effects. Next month I’m hoping to see Newsies and Schoolhouse Rock too.

� You have lots of photos from theater shows on your Facebook and webpage. Do you like acting? Singing? Dancing?

Maxzyne: Sort of. I mean, I love karaoke and being in school shows. I’ve had a few tap dance lessons. Hey! I should ask my parents if I can take some more lessons now that school’s out. I saw Riverdance and decided I wanted to try it. But mostly I like to draw or make stuff. Did you know they have classes at the library where you can learn to print out cool things on the 3-D printer? That’s definitely on my list this summer. Our library is awesome.

� Speaking of libraries, are you reading anything this summer?

Maxzyne: Oh, yeah! For rainy days I’ve got a stack of books waiting. Raymie Nightingale, Gracefully Grayson, Lucky Strike, The War that Saved my Life, Gertie’s Leap to Greatness, The Adventurer’s Guide to Successful Escapes and The Lost Property Office. Um, how many was that?

� I believe it was 7. Can you read all those books when there’s so much else to do in Chicago?

Maxzyne: Sure hope so! We have a summer reading challenge for school and I want to read 10 books, actually. There will be prizes given out the first week of school so I don’t want to miss out on Navy Pier coupons or museum passes.

� You mentioned Navy Pier. Have you taken a ride on the big new Ferris Wheel yet?

Maxzyne: How did you know that’s on my to-do list? I can’t wait!

� Chicago is such a water town, with the river and Lake Michigan. Any plans to enjoy them?

Maxzyne: I’ve been begging my Dad to take me kayaking on the Chicago River. Urban Kayaks have these tours you can take as long as you’re with a parent in your 2-man boat. My favorite thing to do on the lake right now is watch the baby seagulls. They hatched a few weeks ago and are not quite big enough to fly. Pretty soon I’ll see them testing their wings along the pier by Chicago Yacht Club. But there are cool sailboat races to watch, too. I can see the regattas from my condo windows. Some of my friends are taking sailing lessons, but I haven’t decided. I mean, Mother says I have to prioritize! But she’ll take me to the Oak Street Beach a couple times, for sure. Oh! And Dad will take me bike riding, too. Y’know, I better make sure he puts this stuff on his calendar…

� Well, sounds like there’s lots of reasons to be busy. We’ll check back with you and see what adventures you’re having in the Windy City next.

Maxzyne: You bet! And say “hi” if you see me out somewhere having fun. I love putting photos on my webpage. Oh, when you print this? Just don’t forget to spell my name with an x,z, and y! ‘cause it’s MAXZYNE!